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Product Comparison


Product Comparison
Why choose ICU Drive over the competition?

Data security: Most competitive file hosting services are not recommended for business networks. Usually all consumer data is secured by one encryption key. ICU Drive offers an unbreachable encryption technology that guarantees data security. In addition, information is stored at ICU Drive’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) located in Canada. This local oversight over the infrastructure further strengthens security.

Business functionality: Most competitive file hosting services are designed for consumer use. There is no integration with your business environment or applications. ICU Drive lets you integrate with Microsoft Active Directory.

Visibility: Most competitors offer limited access management and absolutely no reporting. With ICU Drive you have access to what employees are doing, data usage, revision histories of documents and much more.

ICUdrive Sync provides enterprise grade file collaboration that the competition can’t match.
Furthermore, your custom branded solution is managed by ICUdrive Sync andRequestnetworks.com, your trusted IT provider.


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