File-Sharing in the Mobility Age – Editorial Text to Use for Websites, Newsletters, Social Media, etc.

Is file-sharing important?

File-sharing is the basis of any document management platform, and mobile file-sharing is an essential component. The days of employees accessing information form a single computer are long gone. Laptops, tablets, and smart phones are used interchangeably on a daily basis; users must be able to securely sync their files across all devices for document management to be truly efficient.

Do you need a cloud-based document management platform for mobile file-sharing?

If by cloud-based you mean remotely-accessible, then absolutely yes. The benefit that the ‘cloud’ gives you (as it’s commonly understood) is that it is tuned for remote access, whereas a file-server accessed via VPN is not. Whether private or public, having files remotely accessible by internal and external parties is essential.

Does ICUdrive work with products like Dropbox?

ICUdrive is the answer to the lack of safety or control provided by products like Dropbox. While we have an Open API that allows for integration with a variety of platforms, we do not have explicit integration with these platforms.

How does ICUdrive address the risks of mobile file-sharing?

ICUdrive’s policy-based management structure allows partners and administrators to tightly control per-user, per-machine, and per-folder access. Beyond this, ICUdrive allows for detailed reports and audits to be conducted of who/when accessed data.

Why should I pay for file-sharing when I can use Google or Dropbox?

These solutions were built for the consumer first, and therefore lack the features that businesses need to successfully deploy a cloud file sync solution: remote wipes, data audits, Active Directory integration, access management, etc. Additionally, there is no ability for your trusted IT admin to manage a Dropbox or Google solution.

 Besides file-sharing, what other key components do businesses need?

File sync is only the beginning – collaboration, data discovery, and auditing are key components that need to be layered onto any cloud file sync solution to make it truly viable for a business.